Well this is a wonderful thing. I've been thinking about doing merch for a while, but was reluctant to take the plunge - it seems like there's an inverse relationship between cost and ethical production of goods.

Obviously, this is a constant dilemma of capitalism, and not a surprise, but it is surprising how alluring the option of cheaper (more mysteriously sourced) products can be when you're trying to give your people a good deal. The unseen workers disappear when you have a spreadsheet in front of you, and you think about the cash strapped people who might want some hilarious one-liner cards or a Tea With Alice mug.

So I've avoided it until now.

I was immensely lucky to have a fan, now a friend, who put herself forward for making merch, and helping me set up the shop, so now I know where these things are coming from and can pass them on to you in (relatively) good conscience.

The shop's up at alicefraser.com, with a limited range of things I think are funny and good, so if you do feel like getting some physical representations of my stuff, go forth and buy them there.

If you have a hankering for something you think I could make, let me know and I'll do my best to make it appear in the world.