Mercury Moves in to Scorpio: It’s Time for Real Talk
Today, Mercury moves in to Scorpio, following closely behind the sun. What was provoked and engaged from Venus moving through so recently will be found and embraced by the sun and then questioned and assessed by Mercury.

Mercury, lover of facts over feelings and busyness over reflection, turns a page when in Scorpio, digging deeper in to the facts, needing to know more about the inner workings of things and folks alike, no longer satiated by the simple facts alone, preferring now, too, to reflect upon what is learned, to process what is experienced, and to ponder what is to come.

Yes, Mercury moves with a bit more feeling when in Scorpio, and not too surprisingly. Feeling, allow me to explain, does not stem from emotions or fluffy and floofy feelings from the heart but from intuitive responses and "emotional" intelligences. Mercury in Scorpio understands human emotions in an intelligently logical way, noticing nuance and silence in ways other’s blindly overlook.

The 8th house is represented by Scorpio, the house of everything we’ve ever been told not to speak of in mixed company; ie religion, politics, sex, and money. Expect to have these matters on the table through this transit, ready to talk about them, question them, and share your thoughts about them with others.

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Mercury Moves in to Scorpio: It’s Time for Real Talk