Meriela LeDajae Ricten - Set Phasers To Fun!
Meriela sporting her Galactic Order field team suit. Looks like her transfer to to field work get approved. I imagine she's got like 1950's-esque poster envisioned in her head, but in reality she's just in front of a mirror with a space-blowdryer. Profile: Name - Meriela LeDajae Ricten Age - 22(in Solharn years) 11(in Human years) Sex - Female Race - Solharn Alignment: ??? Nickname - ??? Birthdate - ??? Power Type - ??? Bio: Meriela is a member of the Galatic Order, typically assigned to a desk job. A very warm and thoughtful person, she is the only members of the Galactic Order to befriend the troublesome O'Nekka. Due to her desire to because ever-closer to O'Nekka, Meriela does not have many friends herself. In order to see O'Nekka more, Meriela has been assertive in taking more field duty. Due to her upbringing, she wants someone to fully accept her and she yearns for a day when O'Nekka will place her finger on her nose (a Solharn sign of family intimacy). Despite her closeness with O'Nekka, O'Nekka has never performed a power pledge with her due to Meriela not having any outstanding traits. Meriela is the type that always loves new things and has a creative eye. Her job often bores her but her family insists she keeps it as the Galactic Order specifically requested her to join their ranks (an extremely rare occurrence for those with no outstanding achievements or qualities). She thoroughly dislikes Galactic Order procedure and wishes she was in a position to restructure the whole system. Lately, she's been having an increase in daydreams.
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