Mermaid Pin Up Commission
I do love this random commission I received on Etsy. It was for 8 sketchcards (3 of which you have seen already, the Star Wars ladies) and 5 of these were very vague in that he only gave me the species of a few enchanted creatures so I could have a lot of fun with their designs. Here is his mermaid and I have an Elven sorceress, demon, angel and fairy to go. 

In other news, I am planning another Patreon Day for next month to celebrate 4 months on the site and hopefully invite in a few more friends for us all to chat to. If you would like to add the event to your Facebook Calender, or invite a bunch of your friends who you think might be interested, you can find the event page here.  The Patreon Support day will be held on September 13th (Tuesday) and will last the whole day, so be sure to tune in as I will be giving away commissions throughout the day.