Hey guys!   How are you enjoying May? Or should I say, Mer-May - which is a really interesting character design challenge created by veteran Disney animator/director Tom Bancroft, and I'm of course taking that as a chance to pump out as many cool new art as possible. You're looking at the very first pieces that I've done so far for the challenge, and you can probably tell that I'm going waaaay out of left field from the theme. I'm putting in a lot of reversed mermaids and half man, half marine/sea creatures to give me more inspirations to keep this going as long as possible. 

And as we've started doing since last week, I'll be posting the paid post for my paying patrons with a lot of time-lapse videos of some of these drawings, and their high-res scans.  

Thank you again, and I hope you'll enjoy what I have to offer this week!