Merry Christmas!
Just wanted to wish you a happy holiday and thank you for a fantastic year on Patreon! Lots of great birthday wishes too on the 20th, so those are all much appreciated. I hope your patronage has been worthwhile for you (though I know it's mainly the early viewing as the main perk right now) and if you requested signed floppies I hope they arrived in good shape :) I've had a ton of fun getting more direct feedback from the super-engaged viewers and supporters here, and I can't wait to see what happens next year. This has been a huge boost for the channel, and I've been so excited to start new shows (LGR Thrifts, Tech Tales, etc), tweak my video style a bit, and grab some excellent new equipment, software, and even a new filming location thanks to you! So thank you once again, you've helped keep LGR something I love to do and ensure that it's not going anywhere anytime soon whatsoever. And that's awesome. Best regards, Clint/LGR