Merry Christmas!! Happy Solstice!! The light returns!!!
One thing I learned while living in Alaska was to cherish the little things in the midst of winter. It is not easy to evade the frozen clutches of such a long and dark season in the far north. But hurray for the holidays that act as landmarks to hope and promise of better temps to come.

I am spending this special time of year with family back in Alaska. While running around my old stomping grounds, I'm immediately reminded how optimistic those that live here are, even in the dark. :) Kind of like these chickadees. It makes me smile. :)

I hope that wherever you are that this special week brings you a renewed sense of hope, inspiration, and even excitement for the year to come. I truly believe it's going to be an incredible year and I am eager to explore it with each of you.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Alaska!
<3 Karen, Greg & kiddos :)