Meshuggah - "Sane" (Guitar/Bass Playthrough)
Meshuggah - “Chaosphere" released 11.10.1998 “Sane" guitar/bass cover I didn't quite get Meshuggah when this album was first presented to me. It eventually grew on me, especially once someone told me how they were counting. When I finally saw them open for Tool in 2002, I was beyond excited for them. Several years later, they are still an influence of mine. Enjoy! Guitar 1: Ibanez RG7321 w/ EMG 707's Guitar 2: Ibanez RGIT27FE w/ EMG 707's Bass: ESP F-415FM w/ EMG 40DC's Strings: D’Addario Picks: Jim Dunlop Amps: Positive Grid BIAS Camera: Canon T6i Subscribe: Visit Support AT HOME IN HELL: Support AGE OF NEFILIM: #Meshuggah #thisdayinmetal #EMGpickups #daddario #bass #guitar #metalmontana #executioner213 #sane #chaosphere #ibanez #espguitars *Website:* *Facebook: KevinGeorge213* *Snapchat: Executioner213* *Twitter: @Executioner213* *Instagram: Executioner213* *Tumblr: executioner213* *Music:* *Info: [email protected]*