Message of love to my openers
Hello my two openers Kappa and Amewsing <3!

I know it's a tough sell to support this patreon what without the promise of process videos, personalized messages and umpteen amounts of tutorials just running out the gate,  but thank you so much for deciding to support me anyway ;v;!

As a show of appreciation, the Lulu PSDs are now at FULL resolution, so you can now see all the brush details with the layers,  along with a few extra information as to how the piece came to be! 

Please try not to upload it anywhere as this is a privilege only to you both (Though...I mean, you're free to distribute to your friends...good, GOOD friends...who must then promise not to distribute it either.) You are however free to do whatever you wish so long as it's for personal use only :)!!

Each Lulu will be coming to you over the course of the next few days (One at a time~~)

Thank you again for your patronage & enjoy!