A Message to Humanity - The Great Journey of the SOUL, When opposites met.
Chapter 2

When opposites met

You are reading these words so it is pretty safe to say that you, like me, came from the womb of woman. Do you remember coming from the womb of a woman? Do you remember those nine months of your life - almost an entire year!  that you spent floating suspended in amniotic fluid? Do you remember the indiscernible and muffled sounds, lights and sensations that your suspended body felt in that beautiful, warm life sustaining liquid? Do you remember your body gently bouncing on and off the soft cushiony spheroid surrounding it? Do you remember feeling it? Do you remember feeling safe? Do you remember feeling certain? Do you remember feeling alive? Do you remember feeling love? Do you remember the space getting smaller and feeling the pressure increasing upon your body? Do you remember wondering what?

From the moment nature compelled a man and a woman to physically unite in one of the most blissful interactions possible between these two beings, the uniting of these two completely different potentials resulted in the manifestation of a third, unique and distinct individual called you. In those first days after the creation of your first cells, there was clearly something effecting and directing the exponential and rapid manifestation of the cells which, after a scant twenty-one days produced your heartbeat, something out of nothing. In a successive and rapid progression your body unfolded from within the living dynamo operating within your birth mother’s womb and body. In a sequence well known to modern medicine skin, nerves, organs and bones appear and these extended into a torso, arms, legs and a head. After approximately three full months your entire body is formed. Do you remember that moment? The cells of your body have memory, for example, your body reacts to a pin prick even if you aren’t aware you are going to be pricked with it! Each cell of your body is conscious and aware, independent of your knowing sometimes and yet all of your cells together can follow a command you give to it like get up, or sit down…run, walk.

In human terms Men and women are considered to be the opposite sex and when these opposites met in the way that they did it set into motion the process that allowed for the space and time for your body to be developed in relative safety. Your body today is an instrument that you use. It is the product of two completely different individuals…Male and Female, neither of whom were busy directing the development of your body inside your mother. Many women aren’t even aware of a pregnancy occurring, though some are. Do the woman that are aware of the moment of conception (I know a few who do) then actively tell the fertilized ovum what to do, where to go and how to do it? None of the woman I spoke with about this were thinking of which fingers toes or organs needed to be developed during their pregnancies and at what time. Yet something knew exactly what to do and how and when to do it during the entire pregnancy. Who or what was directing the activities of the cells as they developed in that womb? Were you? After all they were your cells, they follow your instructions right now, is it possible that they were following your instructions then too? If so Why don’t you remember? Maybe you have just forgotten that you can remember? What if you actually did remember? What would it mean for your life if you could know that you may have actually created your own physical body and that your mother agreed to allow you to use the space in her body to do this?

Wherever you are reading this right now, wherever you are in this world you can agree that you exist right now. You have thoughts, you have feelings, you have memories, you have imaginings. You have a body. Where and when do you think “You” originated from? Before or after your body was born? Did you suddenly originate when you were one year old? Two years old? Five years old? Did you originate with your first memories or your first words? Your first steps? Your first thoughts? In order to understand the Great Journey of the SOUL, it is important to have a starting point, a frame of reference in order to understand what You are, more so than who you think you are. Join me on the next step of this journey when we will begin to explore: 

“Who are YOU?”

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