Message to New Patrons!
Thank you so much to all the Patrons who have signed up in February! This is just  a friendly reminder... each month Patreon charges the Patron's payment methods on the 1st of the month. Then I get a list of Patron's that had successful pledges. :) Then I send links to those patron's through Patreon Messaging  with links to videos. You'll also see that all the posts for your level have been unlocked!

Please note that the reason the links to the videos get messaged to you instead of posted... is sadly becuase some Patron's have learned how to get around the system by signing up after the 1st of the month, gaining access to all the videos and then dropping out before the 1st of the next month so they never have a sucessful pledge. :( It's just not a nice thing to do. :( So I message everyone the links to the videos. :D

If you are wanting to join the live stream that is coming up on Saturday, you will need to be a $10 level The live stream requires me to set a date and time to meet with you all live. My schedule is quite hectic making videos, teaching, drawing, demonstrating, entering competitions, attending opening nights for exhibits which often requires traveling. So the live stream level is a bit higher than the $5.

If you have any questions or concerns... please do not hesitate to contact me thorugh messaging here or through Facebook Messenger on my Facebook page. I'm awake at all kinds of crazy hours so chances are I'll answer you right away! :) If not.. hold tight. It won't be long. :)