[HS] LRE Starting Guide (Updated Dec 2019)


This article was updated to introduce the latest install instruction which was greatly simplified by the release of the update of LRE and IBL by Joan, and HSResolveMoreSlotID.

This article is install guidance and we will help you how to install and setup LRE, IBL and [meta] Body Deluxe. After you install HoneySelect, take the following steps:

1. Install “HSResolveMoreSlotID” and additional plugins

2. Install “HS Linear Rendering Experiment (LRE) 4.0x

3. Install “HS Image Based Lighting (IBL) 5.0x” and “HSExtSave

4. Install “[nyaacho & honey D] LRE skin (optional )

5. Install “[meta] Body Deluxe

6. Install “Cubemap” for IBL

Once you install “HSResolveMoreSlotID”, you can select or deselect additional plugins with a single click. First of all, you should create a backup of the system.

1. Install “HSResolveMoreSlotID” including plugins and patches

After copying the installation files in your HS installation folder, start [HSResolveMoreSlotID.exe] and select the [Installation Checker] tab. You can install required (or necessary) plugins all at once.

Install 4 plugins in the following order; “630Patch”,  “SBX2.5e”, “WideSlider” and  “IPA”.

You can change language into English by installing translation patches.

“MoreSlotID” which enables to expand your number of ID, will be validated once you install HSResolveMoreSlotID (refer to “Settings” tab)

Press [patch] and [install], then your settings will be same as shown in the red frame of the screenshot above.

The configuration of “NEO Basic Sphere” will be set later within StudioNEO, so you don’t need to set it now.

2. Install “HS Linear Rendering Experiment (LRE) 4.0x”
3. Install “HS Image Based Lighting (IBL) 5.0x” and “HSExtSave”

Go to Joan’s website and download “AAIO (Mega)” from “HS Linear Rendering Experiment (LRE)” as shown in the left side of the screenshot above. 

After extracting [LRE4 AAIO.zip], copy all the extracted files in “From scratch” folder to your HS installation folder. 

The installation procedure may be updated, so please follow the instructions within the extracted files when installing, especially when you are updating from the previous version of LRE or from 4K diffuse.

Do not copy the IBL files included in “From scratch”. Download the latest version of IBL and copy it in your HS installation folder just in case.

IMPORTANT - do not forget to install the “HSExtSave” in this website.

Now, you are ready to use LRE and IBL.
Apply patches for IPA once again in HSResolveMoreSlotID.

This may be necessary if you install LRE and IBL prior to HSResolveMoreSlotID, but it’s uncertain right now so please follow the procedure above.

Check whether your settings are same as shown in the red frame of the screenshot above.
Select and install additional plugins here. You should check out for useful plugins introduced in Joan’s websites.

4. [nyaacho & honey D] LRE skin
5. Installation of [meta] Body Deluxe

Install “[nyaacho & honey D] LRE skin”, then [meta] Body Deluxe. Please follow this order; otherwise it may not work correctly.

The reason for installing 2 skins for LRE is that face texture is not included in [meta] Body Deluxe.  However, if you are my supporter and have [meta] Face Deluxe installed, you don't necessarily need another skin mod because you have face data.

If you don’t have one, you can substitute it by other compatible color skin; e.g. [nyaacho & honey D] LRE skin or [WP] All In One Playhome Face Skins.

6. Installation of “Cubemaps”

Download and install Cubemaps because IBL uses its ambient light. You can select any Cubemaps. Some of them will be introduced below.

* Files of “Cubemaps” shall be in “\abdata\plastic\cubemaps\”.

■Demonstration of “LRE Starter Kit”

Download Links: [meta] LRE Starter Kit 20200101 (new version)

LRE Starter Kit includes;

- LRE setting file
- LRE sample character

- 8 IBL preset
- 4 sample scene data

These are preset and sample scene data applicable to latest “IBL5.0x”.

Configuration of LRE will be overwritten, so backup the present configurations (Config.xml and LightingRenderingAssist.xml) before this demonstration.

Now, start HoneySelect and load sample character “Uesgi LRE mbs” in the character creator window.  [meta] Body Deluxe is applied to this character. If you have installed correctly in the above procedure, the sample character will be same as the screenshot above.

If your sample character has dark skin color like sunburn above the neck, the ID of the “Face Type” may be competing. If so, press [Resolve] in HSResolveMoreSlotID to settle the competition.

Press F5 and wait for UI window of IBL to appear.
At first, the window size is small, so you should zoom up and save the settings.
If nothing appears after pressing F5 key, it is due to the lack of “HSExtSave” in plugin folder in most cases.

When creating a character, try to keep the same view as StudioNEO. So, change the basic lighting of character creating window in IBL this time. Load the preset included in [meta] LRE Starter Kit as follows.

1. Load ”01_CharaMaker FixedLight” or ”02_CharaMaker RotateCam” from [Presets] in [Misc] tab. (The light source is fixed in 01, and the light source follows and rotates with the camera in 02)

2. After loading, press [Lighting] tab once. You have to press the tab to refresh/upload the lighting while creating your character.

Now, your view shall be same as the screenshot above.

This screenshot is comparing StudioNEO on the left, and Charamaker on the right.

Since the preset of IBL can be used both in StudioNEO and Charamaker, it allows you to create your character with the same lighting and color balance as in StudioNEO.

The lighting layout in StudioNEO won’t be saved automatically. Only the Directional Light and Back Light in IBL UI will be saved, so you should go on saving your favorite lighting layouts.

The skin color is set as the screenshot above. The basic setting of saturation is slightly strong red, and brightness is approximately 70. The brightness and saturation of each character are adjusted from this basic setting.

[meta] Body Deluxe is characterized by its easiness to adjust the skin expression by lighting and color grading. On the contrary, when those settings are incorrect, the skin may be displayed strange.

Some characters may have excessive bright skin as shown in the left. This may unfortunately lower the freedom of lighting.

If the character’s skin is too bright from the beginning, the adjustment becomes very limited and will often result in white out; preventing users to express sophisticated effects by using multiple light sources. (Strictly speaking, you can substitute by color grading, but this may not be practical because it requires you to balance various elements.)

In contrast, some characters may have soil-like color, as shown in the right, which were often seen in the early stages of the development of LRE. This might be due to the character creation with inadequate tuned preset, or inappropriate skin for LRE. However, installation of [meta] Body Deluxe based on this article will solve this problem; moreover it will be difficult to create such color on the contrary.

There is no answer in these expression styles, but slightly darker brightness with slightly higher color saturation, as shown in the center, will improve the degree of freedom in the StudioNEO, thus is recommended.

■About the sample scene

In order to check how it looks in the StudioNEO, 3+1 following sample scenes will be provided within the starter kit; a scene with calm impression by low color saturation, a dark scene with underexposure, and a scene with new function of ambient light and IBL5.0. Lighting is adjusted for each application.
Cubemap used in these scenes are saved in Workspace folder.

Illuminations settings within the sample scenes are all simple. The proportion of the ambient light by Skybox will affect the shading expression of the skin. In other words, the skin will be constituted by 3 major elements; the main light source, Skybox and color grading.

IBL will give you the degree of freedom in lighting, but may feel difficult for a while. However, you can easily

save the settings of lighting and apply them in other scenes, so this may reduce your time for lighting as a result.

If you expect to improve your work as possible, IBL is strongly recommended. If you haven’t tried it yet, why don’t you take this occasion?

Thank you for reading through.
Have fun!

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