Metal Jesus battles The DEVIL - What game should I choose? (and other questions)
* Chris Huston asks: What is the most bomb-proof/best build quality console you've owned?

* Lauren Runeckles asks: Do you prefer fun family friendly games (Nintendo's approach) or high definition immersive stories (Sony's approach) and why?

* Ricci Cooper asks: If you had to battle the devil for your soul using any video game from history which one would you choose and why?

* Joshua Jackson asks: Given the current state of the retro videogame collecting scene and the prices that have gone up accordingly without an end in sight, do you see the whole thing crashing at some point or will it continue to grow for years? The days of one-dollar games is behind us now...

BEHIND THE SCENES: I had a lot of fun creating that thumbnail: darkening my hair, coloring my skin red, photoshopping in horns, etc...

Also this is one of the few times I've done a video in 60FPS. Did you notice? The file size is almost TWICE as big as it normally would be, so I'm not sure I'll do it a lot. Also, BONUS POINTS if you can name the 4 games playing in the background.

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