MetalSucks Podcast #129 - Randy Blythe
We're back from the holiday break with a guest we have wanted to talk to for quite a while. Randy Blythe of the mighty Lamb of God guests this week on the podcast ahead of their US tour, and we only had a short time with him, we chat about his immense work load, struggles with addiction, his retirement plan, his plans for 2016 including a couple of books and what he will look like on stage in 20 years. 

We also talk about the passing of Lemmy Kilmister, they announced his memorial after we recorded, and we talked at great lengths when he became ill earlier this year, but we reflect on his contributions and how there may never be another icon with his gravity in our scene ever. Plus we talk about whether Motorhead should continue, much like other bands of late who have lost members, we're looking at you Emmure, how many band members does it take to break a bands brand? Just one? All? 


Lamb of God - Embers

Motorhead - Killed By Death

Motorhead - When the Sky Comes Looking For You

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