Metatopia 2016 & General Update
Okay, been awhile. Let's get y'all up to speed.


I'm going to Metatopia! It was a rather last-minute thing; I didn't think I could go until I stumbled into the Ottawa Story Game's carpool, so now I'm heading down to New Jersey to run my stuff! I'll be running 3 games of New Frontiers and 1 game of 5 Across the Heart, plus trying out whatever I can and trying to get my stuff sorted. Woo!

5 Across the Heart

Other than changing some values, I've been very happy with the current iteration of 5at<3. I'll be running it at Metatopia with some placeholdery characters to just make sure the core mechanics work with people other than my normal group. If it does... well, I can dive in and finally start moving that game towards completion.

It's been more than two years on that. Crazy.

New Frontiers

My little Trekgame has grown in leaps and bounds since I last posted about it. It's much more complete, and more much interesting, than I had ever intended. Devising an alternate take on the idealistic future of space exploration has taken on a bit of a life of it's own; the UAS and it's Astro Force very quickly moved away from a clone of the Federation to its own very interesting rocketpunk entity, and I'm having a lot of fun creating a universe that's part Star Trek deconstruction, part Cold War allegory, and part desperate wish fulfillment space cadet fantasy.

The rules have come together into something very interesting as well. It's like Apocalypse World, but... not, in a very cool way. More of my patented giant dice pools and resource-building, and a lot of character customization built into a relatively small number of levers. I'm very proud of it and I know it's going to knock some socks off.


Hey so, Patrol got some new coverart finally. I uploaded a final patch (I'll float that along in a separate post to Patreons) and now I'm just waiting on my final print proof. Then, modest kickstarter for a print run and we're off to the races with expansions!