MFA Initial Thoughts & New Project
I've started a masters degree! A tiny part of me feels like I'm fooling myself and that I should keep trying to 'make it' in the 'real world', but mostly I'm just so, so relieved to be back in an academic and art college setting.

For one thing, I've got a studio space again! Which means I can make art without getting paint all over my bed sheets or tripping over the laundry basket.

I was planning to continue with the embroidery, patchwork, anarchafeminist style pieces I've been making, but actually having the exhibition at Fine Roots Gallery (see here) feels like I've completed what I set out to do with that for the moment and it's time to go in a different direction. Also, I don't fancy having a big ideological fight this year with the art college or - more specifically - the print technicians.  Learning printmaking techniques (with a side of woodworking) is a key aim for me this semester. So, I've been using Teeline shorthand. It looks more meaningful than it is, which means I can concentrate on the techniques without having to think about any of the conceptual and political implications too hard. Of course, it wouldn't be art college without a bit of semi-nudity so I've also been playing around with writing on myself in shorthand with sharpie pen. Something about thoughts, something about secrets, something about communication failure and the philosophy of language. Something, something, it's the end of the second week - I don't have a thesis behind this stuff yet. I'm auditing a Wittgenstein module. Another reason I want to not push myself too hard conceptually with the art right now is that the philosophy is... quite hard. And I'm only taking a fourth year module, not a masters level one. I haven't exactly been sitting around reading classic philosophy texts these past three years out of education, so it's a tiny bit of a culture shock. I'm sure I can cope I'm just a little... nervous and insecure. Like usual. I'd like to do a PhD at some point, possibly even straight after this masters. Funding is really competitive apparently though and the life of an academic doesn't look terribly well paid or stable so I'm not sure... I wonder if trying to apply this semester (which is what you need to do for next year's entry) would just be too stressful. I definitely don't feel like I'm in possession of all the information I'd need to be successful - both in terms of a thesis idea and in terms of knowing the state of the art, suitable supervisors, ideal structure, teaching requirements, qualitative and quantitative research skills... It's exhausting just thinking about it. .AnaTech updates: my car failed its MOT, but I bought a cheap laptop to do blogging 'on the go'
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