MGTOW - The “I’ll Power Through” Mentality of the Blue Pill
The Power Through Mentality of the Blue Pill

The blue pill requires toil. It demands work. It demands sweat. 

The blue pill guy is scratching his head in sweat. The girl he is trying to keep, she can’t be bothered. It means that you probably care too much and in that is vulnerability. 

I’m okay with sweat. I’m not okay with sweat in vain. Sweat in promise is sweat blissfully perspired. Sweat had in uncertainty is a pain, because there is no guarantee. 

The worst case scenario, in general terms, regarding the blue pill, is taking the blue pill and realizing that you didn’t actually get any good result. You spent and didn’t get anything in return.  You sold all of your chips, couldn’t cash in on anything or earn anything in the long run. 

MGTOW men, welcome back. 

I’ve had a number of discussions about my past blue pill relationships with others who I’ve come in contact with via YouTube. In these days, these eras of our lives, one of the continual factors, consistent across relationships that we’ve been in, mentalities, is that effort can repair. Effort can prevent, repair and sustain a relationship. Basically, the thought is, you can out-effort, out-muscle, hypergamy. 

The blue pill mentality causes you to power through. The blue pill mentality is that everything hinges on a relational formula. 

A repair man will use whatever tools that he can to fix the situation, to fix whatever is broken. He will change wrench sizes, he will get new bolts and screws according to what has to be done to fix the situation. He figures, I’m the strong one here, I need to fix the issue, that’s what a man does. This is what you’ve probably done at some point.

In the “I’m responsible to just power through” mentality, you ascribe unending responsibility to being the fixer.  The blue pill mindset disregards that he is in the mud. The blue pill mindset disregards that there might be something wrong outside of himself, something wrong in the system. Instead, the blue pill mindset thinks that something didn’t work because he didn’t do something correct. Why do I discuss this, because there might be some guys that are new to MGTOW that don’t understand that in the past, failures have been as a result of something related to outside of themselves. 

What are the characteristics of this guy? I am going to go into that and I’m also going to go into some of the details of what the other people, the women that some of these guys have dated have been like and acted. There are many guys that are new to MGTOW everyday, each day the number is growing, and I believe that it’s important to address this group. Some of these guys in this group are in a red pill fury, coming off of a blue pill trance, trying to recover from a past self that thought that they were doing something wrong, when in actuality, what they were doing wrong was participating in the game. it wasn’t that they were always playing the game wrong, but they were playing the game wrong because they were just playing the game.

My blue pill revving 

Blue pill pursuits are often characterized by the revving of the engine, despite the fact that you are in the mud and not actually on the road. You are working so hard, and going nowhere. One of my past relationships was characterized by this idea of powering through was possible according to my strength. What are some reasons that I was possibly in belief of this, and maybe some of you’ll be able to reflect on this. 

  1. Possible scarcity mindset. 
    1. The more scarce resources appear to be, the harder that you work for them. Sometimes, this work is unnecessarily difficult, hard and arduous. Or, you put too much effort into it because all of your eggs are in one basket. Sometimes, this is actually positive, as it works against a paradox of choice, but most of the time, this creates simps. A simp works and operates full-time in a scarcity mindset, a blue pill mindset that demands work. He believes that he is vulnerable. That’s not all bad, but the real bad part is that he believes that he can account for it through work, strategy or “self-improvement”. 
  2. A lack of self respect or esteem
    1. A scarcity mindset has a deeper issue underneath it. That issue is the issue of lack of self worth. Many men are reaching adulthood having really low self worth because either there was absolutely no level of positive reinforcement growing up, or even worse, they were overprotected and never let go to accomplish and often, fail. A man, a boy that is not allowed to create, to fail, to produce, to work, to try and rip some jeans and scrape some knees, is going to have a non-existent self-worth because he has never created a belief in his own abilities. He doesn’t know what he can and cannot do, and if that’s the case, you are going to be motionless, paralyzed. If you’re in this state, you’re going to be shocked that any girl has interest in you and thus you’re going to latch on to a girl, a job, a place, a home — anything. This is often the first thing to address if you noticed that this applies to you and you’re living in scarcity, not abundance. 
  3. You don’t even know what to do. You haven’t searched enough
    1. You go to high school, you join the football team, you play CoD every Friday, you try to get girls all week long, you go to any state school party U, get that simple corporate job, get married, get overweight, have three kids, have a swimming pool actually filled with debt and this is what you’ve done. It’s created all on the traditional path. The blue pill path says that the traditional path is the path, and thus, you do that. The red pill path is freer but initially, often more difficult, because you have to find out what it is that you’re going to do. That’s why many don’t venture out and do that, it’s because they don’t want to decide for themselves, they just want single serving meals and drinks and silverware. If you can’t figure out what it is that you want to do and are going to pursue, you’re going to pursue the blue pill and the simple sugar diet that it is. 

The principle of least interest

As I’ve said, the blue pill mindset insists that hard work is sufficient. It doesn’t recognize the first rule of the world, which is that the world is not just. It doesn’t influence that and it doesn’t allow for that. 

It also disregards another thing, which is the principle of least interest. The one that has the least amount of interest, investment, that’s the person that possesses the leverage. 

If you want the blue pill, it probably means you haven’t learned not to care. You haven’t learned the principle of least interest. You probably think that the party that works harder and is more skilled and equipped is often the party that has the leverage. Most of the time it’s the party that doesn’t care. Ever notice that about an ex? Seem like they never cared? Whatever reason that this was the case, I don’t know. But, it completely handcuffed you. In the world of social media, this exists, and is always going to exist. Try and fight it. Bleh, I don’t care, I’ll quit the mud, the quicksand, no more spinning wheels. I’ve got four-wheel drive in my tank, the red pill Panzer. 

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Hoodies up, hoodie is out.