MGTOW - You Can Give a Man a Red Pill, But You Can't Make Him Take It
MGTOW men, welcome back. 

On the theme of letting go of things, of ideas -- one of the things that we are going to have to let go of being correct in other people’s eyes, as the result of being MGTOW is not being correct, it’s living your life. I have had to kill this part of me. Being “right” has been an idol of mine, even if it’s a passing encounter with a person, I still aim to be correct. For what, I don’t know exactly. Probably my own ego, my own desire to be secure, because if I’m right, that means that I’m secure in the social situation because I possess something that the other party in the social group doesn’t, knowledge that makes me correct. 

This took on a whole new meaning when I started to make MGTOW content, and even more so after the channel actually started to be viewed and people started listening to the content that I was making. I was surprised, but it made me want to be right, and when I would discuss things with people in my life, whether these people were family members or other friends, I wanted to be right because I felt validated in my being rightness. That’s a bad place to be. It puts pressure on you that you shouldn’t have to bear. It puts pressure on you to pursue being right to the outside, not being intellectually honest. 

In that you become more ardent in the connection to MGTOW, and in that I’d say I was immature, expecting other people to understand things that they weren’t necessarily going to understand or even want to relate to in any sense. 

What it also puts pressure on, is convincing people of some things, red pill things, that are accurate and represent reality, despite the fact that they are never going to agree, believe or practice an ounce of what you are going to say to them. No matter what, they are not going to agree with you, despite the arguments that you present, because for most, words are not enough. Emotional responses to failures, to breakdowns in society that they’ve seen, to relationships that they’ve lived through, whether their own or in their family, end up being the only things that actually convince them of what you are saying. They instead will do things, backwards, going back to what you said after they’ve had reason to believe that you were right. 

Thus, as MGTOW men, we also have to let go of helping our buddies out and of being right. Because, like the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Also, like Isaiah, they will be ever hearing but never perceiving. 

I wanted to talk about this topic today in accordance with a comment that I received a bit back, and it touches on this. Letting go of bringing a blue piller to the red pill side, because for some, the blue pill is what they want. They want the women, they want the dreams that are likely not to actualize to be dreams that they pursue. Bottom line, and only for them, being burned is what is going to make them think otherwise. You, are not. 

“What I feel sick to my stomach is that there are young men exposed to the MGTOW message, yet choose to dive in into the dungeon anyway. I don’t even know that many people, yet even I know some men like that. Maybe they’ll be the one in a billion to avoid all of the troubles, but I highly doubt that. I obviously don’t want to be the one saying, “I told you so,” but then, I doubt I’d feel obligated to help them in the future, either, because well, I told them so. We can only show them the door. We can’t help anyone in.”

Usually, in the very, very few times that I’ve ever brought up MGTOW in my personal life, they say something like, “You could be right.” “You make good points, but…” “You make good points but, don’t you just think that’s a bit cynical/extreme/defeatist?” “You make good points but, don’t you know that you’ll still have to interact with women?”

These are the typical lines. Realize, that your logic applies to some people, and just because you are on YouTube and you are in MGTOW spheres, and most people that are listening to MGTOW content are people that also agree with MGTOW content, and thus will corroborate the veracity of what is being said in MGTOW videos as being accurate and astute. Therefore, what follows is that, whenever MGTOW content is discussed, we often have our brains conditioned to believe that it is going to be agreed with. Sure, we live lives in spaces that disagree with MGTOW. Our places of existence disagree with MGTOW, but we are not debating MGTOW with people and going over things and discussing MGTOW openly there. Therefore, when we do openly discuss MGTOW concepts, we innately expect there to be some agreement. You wake up to the red pill realities of the world, the indelible injustices, the concept that no matter what you do, some things will not be granted to you, that the way you’ve perceived love and relationships has been misleading all along and that it is just a fabrication of modern-day society, closely linked to consumerism and the media. 

You have these new concepts, and you’ve got all of these voices on YouTube, all of these people on Twitter or Facebook that you follow that are agreeing with things that you’ve read, discussed or heard on a recent MGTOW video on YouTube. You think that no matter what, it’ll click with other men. But the truth be told, it won’t. 

The percentage of men that are cognizant of MGTOW and are living out that lifestyle in the U.S. is probably not even seven figures. I bet it’s around 400,000, I don’t know. The men that are living out MGTOW but don’t know it. Could be a few million. I have no idea, that doesn’t concern me, what concerns me is my life and the results that come in my life because of MGTOW. What also concerns me is to some extent the image of MGTOW because I don’t want positive people to be degraded and most importantly, I want men to be able to be free and to find relief, as many men don’t know where to turn, have had any sort of role model taken away in this single-mother raised society and culture that we live in today in which masculinity is nearly extinct. 

That’s my responsibility, and my responsibility is that first and foremost, I take care of my life and apply the words that I say to my life because I can’t disqualify myself from my words to you either. With all of this being said, I can’t concern myself with being right and keeping men out of the belly of the beast, because I’m sure that already, amongst all of the thousands of comments that I’ve received, responded to and all of the hundreds of emails that I’ve sent out, that many that have come into contact with me have gone back to the world that they thought that they were going to leave because they couldn’t go without certain things. They thought, “ah, what the heck, it’s just some Internet community yapping away anyway.” 

That’s not my responsibility, it’s not your responsibility either. One of the reasons that I say this as well is, in the world we recognize that the margins that men have to effectively operate are being decreased in size everyday. With that being the case, the best course of action would be for a man to maximize his life himself, and if other people want to follow and if other men want some insight on how this was done, etc., then let them ask. But, knowing that the room that we have to operate is shrinking, we have to master our own mini-kingdoms that are existing on the margins of the world that the world is creating. Honestly, if you just have one person, as is the case in MGTOW, if you just have one person, then a margin is more than enough for you to succeed. That’s another encouragement about MGTOW right there. It’s really more than enough space for us to operate and to succeed. 

What about what they say back to you? 

In return some of the same people that will be lead to the water of MGTOW but won’t drink of it will also say: you just need to be an alpha, and because you’re not an alpha, you’re resorting to MGTOW. This line implies what we know as frame. It implies that a man can always have frame. Maybe he can always have frame, but he has to work for frame. For what? The only thing that frame has any use for when we are discussing relationships with women is sex. What else do we want frame for? Nothin’, because that everything else is what we can get on our own. 

I don’t care about effort here. I am not responsible for two things, even as a content creator: making people drink out of the water, and putting energy into keeping frame on women that I don’t have any investment in. 

What about this topic, though? 

What I’m going to finish with was also fueled by another comment. “Important story! Make a video on the history of family law. Who created/passed it? If it is created, it can be changed. Who/what is that agency? Why is this not a political issue in elections?”

Sure, this is important, and actually, I probably could touch on this without much difficulty and this isn’t the greatest example. But knowing what I do, guys like TFM, DDJ or Colltaine might be best fit for this. I’m not the person for this video, and this can apply to your life, guys. You don’t have to be a content creator. Be one thing, a few things, you can’t be all things for all people, and nor should you. 

The other thing that I am not responsible for, and this goes for you guys too, is that you’re not responsible for talking about the topics related to MGTOW that you may not be familiar with. I’m 24, you guys out there know more than my about politics, about social issues, about living in different parts of the world -- the list is endless. I know about some things that other MGTOW might not, and I focus on those few areas. But mainly, I talk about MGTOW as if we were in philosophy class. That’s where I want it to shine. That’s where I want to focus, because each day, making content each day, that’s where a man can stay the most fresh is focusing on what he knows. It’s more efficient. 

Bottom line, discard what you can’t control, once again, and this will relate to tomorrow’s video as well. 

You guys be well, and as always, if you have a testimony to share about coming to MGTOW and how MGTOW has benefited your life, feel free to hit me up at [email protected] or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie. 

Hoodies up, hoodie is out.