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"MH Studio Session figure drawing 1"
I'm thinking about offering more life drawing classes this summer!

Here's a great sketch from our time in Seattle at Supergenius Tattoo!  I was fortunate enough to share time and space with Michael Hussar, thanks to my friends at Supergenius!! What a great night, wow!

this particular piece was done very quickly as a model was putting up her hair for the session. You can see the start of a table behind her that I started after she was finished!

this piece is now entered into the raffle collection ! She measures 11"x14" on quality recycled sketch paper.

As ALWAYS THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for supporting the art I make, the events my partner (now fiancé!) and I share with the community, and everything we are trying to bring to the art table every time we sit down!! 

Keep your eyes peeled for new events and tutorials coming soon!! We are expanding our horizons, very soon !!

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