Mice with lights in them? The future sure is strange...
When I posted up the update about the new monitor I got some comments about the mouse and mousepad I was using and had been for many years. After long and serious deliberation I have purchased a new mouse and mousepad to go with it, a Logitech Proteus Spectrum and a steelseries QcK Mini Gaming Mousepad. It's definitely going to take some getting used to the new mouse but I can see myself using one of the new buttons I have access to for the melee attack in Overwatch already. Now that the buttons are a possibility for me who knows what they'll be used for?

This mouse and mousepad are items that will be transferred over to a new PC when I build it and their purchase wouldn't be possible without your support here. Each iterative step I take towards a new PC goes a small way to improving my Let's Plays. Thank you one and all once again for your continued support here, you're all awesome!

While I'm not sure what the next step will be in my slowly accruing collection of hardware I'll be sure to keep you all posted here as and when I get it. So until then folks, I'll catch you later and I'll see you then.


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