Michael Day Missions Pack [Build a Mission]
Live an typical day for Michael!
Work, family, relations with the mafia, the mess and whims of actors, old friends, new friends ... and more...

Missions list:  
M Day 06:30 Jimmy's bike
M Day 07:00 Fly to Al
M Day 08:00 Go get the actor
M Day 09:00 Al want some things
M Day 09:15 Al want some things
M Day 09:30 Al want some things
M Day 09:45 Al want some things
M Day 10:00 Golf club trouble
M Day 10:30 External location
M Day 11:00 TV series lifeguards
M Day 11:30 Boat trip
M Day 12:00 Go shopping
M Day 12:30 Kidnapping Solomon girlfriend
M Day 13:00 Underwater mafia (s)
M Day 13:30 Old plane to Vinewood
M Day 14:00 Actors to external location
M Day 14:30 Tipped off
M Day 15:00 Embarrassing photos
M Day 15:30 Hello beauty
M Day 16:00 War movie
M Day 16:30 Manson movie
M Day 16:45 Manson movie
M Day 17:00 Movie by mail
M Day 17:30 Kidnapping Tracy (s)
M Day 18:00 Vehicles for movie
M Day 18:15 Vehicles for movie
M Day 18:30 Vehicles for movie
M Day 19:00 Take Araxie at home
M Day 20:00 Araxie moves
M Day 21:00 Piss on cinema
M Day 22:00 Trevor hate clowns
M Day 23:00 Photos of Al scandal
M Day 24:00 Michael's party
Special - The end of Al

For missions with the (s), check the file special_instructions.txt

Play with Michael, to give sense to story. Star with 0600 then 0700, 0800 etc.  

you need to build-a-mission https://it.gta5-mods.com/scripts/build_a_mission
After you install build-a-mission extract the archive and copy it into the root folder of gta 5

This is the continuation of this: Trevor Day Missions pack

New missions pack: Hangover missions pack