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Michael Grubbs (Wakey Wakey): One Tree Hill, Music Placements & Collaboration
Happy new episode day!

Joining us this week out of Brooklyn, New York is Michael Grubbs of Wakey Wakey. Michael is also known as “Grubbs” from One Tree Hill, where Wakey Wakey’s music was featured. The band’s 2010 album Almost Everything I Wish I Said The Last Time I Saw You hit #1 on the Billboard Heatseeker’s Chart, and they’ve released 2 more successful albums since then.

The band has a dedicated fanbase – and this is shown through their “Salvation” album exceeding their crowdfunding goal by 141% and the numerous tattoos fans have of Wakey Wakey lyrics. Their latest album, “Overreactivist” is out now, and in this interview we hear more about Michael’s career, music placements, collaboration and the importance of community within Wakey Wakey’s fanbase.

Enjoy :)
-Ross & Marcio

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