Michael Jackson's Thriller Song Example
This post is me playing Michael Jackson's Thriller.

This is not a performance video. This is a one take example of how I play it.

I did not use a fancy mic, redo guitar parts, or put on any effects to smooth out the guitar or voice.

This is just me playing and singing Thriller for the first time in a long time. It's not performance ready. It's just me breaking out the guitar and doing my best after having this song on the shelf for a year.

So this is basically what it is supposed to sound like. I broke up the song and the teaching video into two videos so that YouTube wouldn't flag the teaching video for copyright violation.

This is so far from the original that it may not get flagged anyway, LOL!

The teaching video is just for patrons at this time. Check it out. If it's not up yet it will be soon.

Hal Stead