Michalis is on Discord if you want to talk:) Also, would you like a video tutorial about CGE? Live chat?
First of all, come and talk about Castle Game Engine on Discord: https://discord.gg/HPQtewa !

It's a new way to communicate with Michalis and everyone else involved in Castle Game Engine development. It is a bit like chat, or Slack -- we can communicate using text and images, in a clean and modern UI.

We can also use Discord for voice and video communication, and for screensharing.

And I was thinking about using videos (on YouTube, Discord, Twitch -- anything else the kids are using these days?) to provide more content for you. Random proposals:

1. I could prepare a video tutorial where I show and talk through developing a small game using Castle Game Engine. This would probably be a long (like 30-60 minutes) YouTube video where you watch my screen, with Emacs and GIMP and Blender, and listen to me talking *why* I'm doing things the way I do.

2. Live coding / streaming. I would work on a small game, and you could see my screen, and hear me talking why I'm doing it like this. In addition, you would also be able to ask me questions and comment on what I'm doing -- live. I believe there's a number of ways to organize that, like https://www.twitch.tv/ or screensharing on https://discordapp.com/ .

3. Or we can just make a "live meeting" through Discord. We hang out, and you ask me zilion questions about the Castle Game Engine :) This could also look like "watching me coding live", except you would constantly tell me what you want me to show next.

Any other ideas?

I'm not extremely social person (on the Internet or otherwise), I'm just a lonely open-source coder :) I probably know a lot about GitHub features, but I'm completely lost on Twitch and many other social platforms. So I'm looking forward to your thoughts -- what do you think is a sensible platform to jump onto? And what would you like to see, what would help you having fun with Castle Game Engine? :)

Thanks in advance for all the comments!