Swap Skill animation complete

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Greetings, ninjas!

Since Patreon only allows us to post 1 image at a time, I will be making small updates on our progress. I will test this model for a while. Every few micro-logs I will create a mini-log and after that, a full article. This way you can skip the smaller logs if you want just a summary of all the latest things we worked on.

Now for the post:

In this first Micro-Log there is the full animation for the Swap Skill. It is a passive skill that activates automatically when the player gets hit. A random object will take the hit instead while the player will become invulnerable for a few seconds. It takes a long time for the skill to recharge so the player will have to be careful with its use! Depending on the selected difficulty for the game (Easy, Normal or Master), the cooldown may be longer or shorter.

EDIT: I'm not the smartest human and I realised that yes, I can add more than 1 image on each post! This means that I can keep creating Mini-Logs with more interesting content. Thanks for your comprehension!

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