Microphone Check
So the other day I saw a trailer for a Fallout 4 mod, and in it was a voice I immediately recognized. It was pretty fucking cool, because she's not only talented and deserves the work, but because I had maybe a 0.2% part in getting her the role.

That's because I bought the mic she's using. In fact, looking back, I've bought a metric ton worth of equipment for voice actors, which I know sounds generous, but don't pat me on the back, it was purely for selfish reasons. I wanted the modz to be better, and gifting good actors good mics was a means to that end.

But part of the benefit of that pseudo-generosity is the boon to the community as a whole. With more actors equipped with good mics, the better the modding scene will be.  The picture above is just a part of the cost; I actually got tired of making this and didn't include purchases for other equipment and software that weren't easily tracked down.  Given how much I've spent and plan on spending, I'll probably always be in the red, but hey, that's the price of quality.

Point is, as patreons, you too can bask in the glory of that 0.2%, since you're helping to chip in too. But yeah, the donations do help the mod in tangible ways, and also the community as a whole.