Mid April Post
 Hey! Feels weird calling this the "Mid" April post, considering we're only 9 days in! My workflow has been rudely interrupted by Persona 5, so I'm a little behind, BUT... among commissions and  fanart, you should definitely see some Persona art this Saturday, as well as  some rubiko probably. I havent decided what the painting will be. Maybe I'll make that persona? Who knows :D

I may do some Force of will since I havent done much for that game in a while! Doing a painting for that ought to be fun since I've gotten a lot more pratice with anime styles in the past few months. Horizon zero dawn is cool too, but the long-awaited Persona 5 threw a wrench in my progress in that! I'll have to do a LOT of fanart for all these great games I've been playing soon.

I also want to continue my concept art. I've gotten commissions and put it and my VN project on the backburner, which feels bad. Haha, see you all on Saturday!