Mid-March Newsblast!
The next Retro Analysis is under way and will probably release before April.

In oher news: I recently recorded a 2+ hour interview with Zac Frazier (Great Guy) which will be up in the coming days so expect a bit more content from this channel than unusal.

Finally: I'll be doing an overhaul of the Patreon Page in the coming months and I'll be adding some rewards and additional tiers, probably wont be sending any merch right away but streams, early access, hangouts, podcast co-hosting, exclusive content, etc isn't beyond the reach of believability.

This Mid-March update came out of an unforeseen snowballing effect which Relates to the Morrowind Video I recently made (the resposne to which has been ridiculous :D) and I thought it'd be fun to share the news.

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