Midiboy Returns!
I just couldn't let it rest.  I know I've said I was going to retire the Midiboy project, but it talked me into letting it come out of retirement.

Announcing the upcoming album, "Revitalized!"  It's going to be a "best of" with a twist.  Rather than just putting together a compilation of my past favorite songs as well as your favorites songs, I'm going to completely redo them.  Re-imagine them even.

The album will be made available here, exclusively for my Patreon Subscribers.  So, if you aren't already a subscriber, why not?  It will be the only way you can get it as it is being created.  Track by track.  Once the entire project is done, I may release it to the world, but it will likely not be the entire project.  I have more songs to do than will fit on a single album.  

The first song is done!  "Armageddon Dance."  This will be one of the only songs I release for free on this project.