The Midside
Now you might saw the title, what is "The Midside", aside its weird name? The Midside is a SFM comic loosely based on competitive TF2 that I will make for the next month or so. But it will not take place on any existing league like ESEA or ETF2L, but in the TF2 in-game universe. So, some of you might be asking, "that's a nice thing but what's the story dude?". The story follows the "Process Alpines", a team that (obviously the homeground is cp_process) compete in the fictional (of course) Mann Co. League. I'll fill in the details later, but here's what will you expect: Map based teams! Yes, you heard me. There will be map based teams, but I'm not creative enough to make team names appropriate to the maps, but except cp_process of course. Here's the maps will be included. cp_gullywash (Gullywash Landsharks) cp_granary cp_sunshine (Sunshine Stars koth_viaduct_pro cp_process (Procces Alpines) cp_snakewater So I ask you to help me name this map based teams, if you win your loadout will be included on your named teams! Now for some quick-fix QnA! Q: "Dude, where's cp_badlands?!". A: The answer to that weirdly enough, if I load Badlands to SFM, it always crash for some reason. If someone be helpful to fix the problem, I might include it. Q: It will all made on SFM? A: Yes. There will be some custom Workshop items too. I think that's it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on this thread or on Steam!