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Miechaloob's Fae Emporium
This two-story cottage sits a third of a mile down a nearly hidden lane, if one is not actively searching for it, one would easily overlook the narrow lane. As one nears the cottage, small birds will begin chirping, rather loudly one might note, and grow in ferocity as the observer continues to approach. As the person steps to within forty feet of the cottage the birds suddenly stop and the surrounding forest becomes eerily quiet. As one steps over the forty found boundary surrounding the cottage everything changes: dark clouds roll in overhead, a sudden gust of chilly wind begins battering the characters, a faint but disturbing moan seems to surround the characters......and a general feeling of uneasiness is felt by all. Even the cottage's appearance changes, the walls are grimy, the roofline sags dangerously, evil and twisted vines scale the walls, and pitch black emanates like a dark spirit from the blank windows. This is all for appearance's sake and to scare off those that would be of lesser will. Once a person turns the handle on the front door and pushes it open the spell fades and the party can see the inside of a quaint and friendly shop occupied by a small gnome. He is generally pleasant to speak to and will offer details on the surrounding area (50% true). He will always sport short breeches that stop just below his knees and a large billowy shirt with a red box. A small, low and red hat sits atop his brow, the crooked point juts off to the side. Miechaloob is a merchant of a rare and unique product: fairies. Depending on the season he carries a variety of dead specimens - full and partial pieces that can be used in spells and rituals. For those who ask, and a small 25gp fee, he will show them to his back and private sales room. Use the table below to determine what trapped fairies he has for sale. Miechaloob currently has the following on hand for purchase (roll 2d6) 2-3 Nymps, are trapped within a small wooden box about the size of a matchbox. When released the nymph is under a curse that forces them to perform ONE task for the person who frees them. Once free, they will speed off to where ever they are bound and continue their sad existence. 4-5 Vila, held in a small clear bottle stopped with a wax stopper with a letter pressed into the top, the Vila appear to be a faint cloudy form swirling around rather quickly. The figure will not stop but when freed will burst forth from the bottle with such force that it will easily knock down a small house that is in front of the bottle opening. The Vila will immediately flee the area, glad to be freed. 6-7 Wisps o' the Will, captured and trapped in a large glass bottle two feet tall and a foot and a half in diameter, it is very heavy and any time the bottle is moved, even slightly, the trapped Wisps glow brightly 8-10 Aos Si, trapped within this small wooden box has a ornate carving of a tombstone on its lid, a small latch secures the box shut, whenever death approaches the Aos Si will emit a low howling that will crawl up a listener's back and be complete unnerving. If the lid is opened the Aos Si will escape and no longer confined to her box. 11 Jogah, this round, amorphous greyish glob floats inside a glass jar, about six inches tall and four inches in diameter, Miechaloob will inform the purchasers (after purchase is made of course) that four drops of blood must be dropped into the thick liquid within the jar every day, failing to do so will cause the Jogah to be slain. This rock spirit floats about in a thick blood-like liquid and when brought within sight of a secret or false door made of stone will glow within an intense brightness that causes the entire jar to glow a deep blue color. 12 Peris, trapped inside a round cage made of wood about a foot tall and four inches wide is a ten inch tall creature with an appearance much like a Walking Stick bug, except more human. These fairies are the trapped spirits of people who did evil deeds in life and were not admitted into paradise upon death. Now, they must do a proscribed penance before their spirits are set free.
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