Mike Cernovich. Night for Freedom. ANTIFA. Political Cartoon
I saw the videos and watched as he put down 16 k for a venue and last minute they set him up. I was so upset I had to draw a cartoon.

I saw all the Antifa people protesting. One of them punched a 60 year old, knocked him out. He may have died. It was so bad. But the show went on.

Night for freedom means night to talk free. 

I read the Breitbart coverage and thats where I got the three pics. I changed them a little.

Thats the A OK hand sign and it belongs to us. Lets take back our hand signs.

Btw in my video, the hat I am wearing is a gift from one of you guys my subs!!

I love you SORRY I HAVE BEEN BUSY lets chat on the phone soon. Or on hangouts.