Mike Plays Diablo 2 - episode 3
We're back!
This week we venture into the beyond, and by that I mean we walk a few hundred more yards. But THEN we get to go through the "Secret Tunnel" :)
Once we're out of the secret tunnel, we have to kill the King of Sasquatches and get the magic scroll from The Tree of Evil.
Then, once all's said and done, we use the scroll to go through the portal into Throwbackville (aka Tristram) to Deckard Cain, an old man with a PhD in Item Identification and long-winded exposition XD

This time we got all the way up to level 11!
Next time we go on our 4th quest of Act One, to reclaim The Tower of Power.
Hope you all enjoy, I know my voice is pretty grating.

Diablo 2 is a fantasy-RPG game developed by the game developer Blizzard Entertainment and is that corporation's exclusive property. Seriously, BUY IT, it's so far beyond worth it, plus it's available on their website as a digit download now for only $20.
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