Miles over the ocean is Eva.
I am feeling rather joyful for so many reasons right now. In particular, because 'Eva' (pictured here as a close up) has finally arrived at her new home! It took a while, as little Eva here had to be wrapped and posted off from my little English Woodland, all the way to the US! Her new owner, and now friend!, won her in a giveaway competition I did after Christmas. To think of an iddy little painting by me travelling all those miles... Oh and, spoiler alert. She is loved. Thank you all for your support - patrons, followers, casual browsers - its just excellent. Soon, from saving up right here, I will hopefully be able to get an art desk! And I will be doing another art giveaway before then, this time for Patrons. So watch this space very very soon. Off to calm down in good ole british style with a cup of tea. Thanks all! Shay X