Milestone 1 Reached!
I'm floored by the support. I woke up today to learn that we already reached the 1st Milestone. And the next one is coming up too! This is amazing! Thank you so much, guys. We really appreciate it. I have removed the ads on YouTube for our current Netrunner videos. I will go through the old videos this week. The interface is not quite streamlined and we have 140 of them after all. ;) I'm currently editing the next Tournament. It's the Store Championship in Hiveworld Cologne. I hope finishing it until the end of the week. I'm also uploading more of the raw footage we had in the backlog. This time it's the top8 games from the Regionals in Dortmund. They should be up this evening. I'm also preparing for the 1st Patreon-funded Tournament this Weekned - it's going to be the 3rd Euregio Tournament in Aachen! Hope to see some of you guys there.