Milestone refinements
I've just made a change to the milestone levels of my Patreon campaign, and I'd like to briefly explain why this is and what it means for the future. In short, the new values account better for the dynamics I've seen from Patreon since starting this campaign - the fees and follow-through on pledges, as well as the actual Patreon cut. By adjusting the milestone values up, I'll more accurately hit the income levels that represent the different tiers of work I've talked about previously, which in turn makes for a happier and more productive me. We all know just how much happiness and peace of mind can do for life in general, let alone creating better content. I hope you'll agree that the Patreon-funded projects I've been putting out, as well as the increase in my normal content, has been as entertaining to see as it's been for me to produce. I hope to continue this for a long time, and all support has been and will continue to mean quite a lot to me. Thanks again!
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