Milestone #2 reached. Next up: HIGHJUMP
Well, just in time for the Holiday season the Patreon has leapt past the second milestone. What an amazing gift. I know I’ve said this with every goal but it’s especially exciting now. Because the next milestone, if achieved, means that I’ll be able to pull back on sketch cards and focus more on my own, creator-owned comic work. Probably you’ve heard me mention HIGHJUMP. A friend has read the synopsis and Thomas has seen the thumbnails for a creepy The Thing-ish prologue I’ve written. I’ve also written a complete outline of the first story arc. Which is graphic novel in length. Someone called it Frozen Hitler once, but my description is 1940s pulp heroine fighting Nazis, and robots, and mad scientists, and cthonian horrors, and femme fatales. Note this was BEFORE Peggy Carter, dammit. It’s most everything I love to draw, and a lot of what it seems people like SEEING me draw. And now that it’s hopefully going to happen in some capacity — we’re a mere $75/month away from it — I think I should try to find the time to draw and color up up a spiffy promo piece. It’s all exciting, and hopeful, and I want to thank everyone here who’s donated everything from the important $1/month to the humbling $40/month. You’re doing your part to help support the arts and artists, and believe me, each of us trying to find and do our own thing appreciates it from the bottom of our hearts.