Milestone reached!
Allright folks!

You see that patreon total? That -second milestone reached-?

Yesss indeed.   Now, I'm going to be honest.  I always hoped to reach this point.. but optimists tend not to be pleasantly surprised.  I hoped.. but didn't expect.  This means every month, chainmaille. (Well, kinda every other month with the supply orders, but lets not quibble.)  Every month, something new made for someone.  That is just so awesome, I can't begin to describe it.  And even better? It also places us fairly close to the third milestone!

In other related news, it looks like the trade at the Art Barn has tapered off with the people now solidly off anything resembling a summer vacation, with younger folk back at schools.  No sales since last month, and Art Barn is likely to close this month, till the start of summer.  Now, I've had some people going, 'That's horrible!'.  No, no it's not.  Yes, I'd have enjoyed selling more things still, the big part for me is very simple..

 Complete, -total- strangers buying my stuff.  Not out at a convention/art show looking for it. Not being referred by friend-of-friend.   Not getting something because I handed them a business card and showed them the shinies I always wear when I'm out.  Complete strangers.  My work selling itself -purely- on it's own merits.  That is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. :)

.. Now, in the interest of honesty, yesss, a good part of that has to do with good store layout work, display layout with Sandy at the Art Barn, and her likely talking up my work if anyone showed interest in it.  So lets not ignore her playing a big part in things.  Or that she gave me a chance when she has only limited space, and at a great percentage.

So! Yeah.  This has gone well. When my stock is back to me, I'll get a proper inventory of things together, and we'll start looking at getting things stuffed onto Squaretrade's website. Definitely planning on finding at least an item or two to put up for christmas, as an extra raffle.  Haven't decided what yet though!