Milestone Changes
Hello everyone! After some thoughts, I decided to edit my milestones just a little bit. 

I have three comic projects ongoing, and instead of starting to update one regularly, I was thinking to start updating them all, but only one page for one comic a week. There would be a splatoon update on first week, then SSB next and RD after that and then the cycle starts again. 

The next milestone would be two updates a week! Splatoon and SSB on same week. Then RD and Splatoon next. Then SSB and RD on third... and so on.

Then the third milestone would be three comic updates a week! Which means all three comics get updated once a week. (this was pretty much the original milestone)

I was thinking to do this because I know I have some readers who would like to see only one or two of my comics and this way those readers didn't need to wait till the later high milestones. I know this sucks a bit for those who were excited for regular splatoon comics but I hope you aren't too mad (but let's face it, I'll be doing splatoon art the most anyway). 

Thank you for reading and I hope most of you agree with this decision. 

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