Milestone Changes and Goonmanji
I've decided that, with the number of pinups and other things I have to do, to reduce the number of "Dan's choice" pinups, and eliminate the "before/after milestone altogether. These changes are *not* retroactive, and are for this month onward.

I've instead made how elaborate a single "Dan's choice" is dependent on the milestone:

1600 - A single pinup of my choosing

3200 - The my choice pinup becomes before / after images involving at least two characters.

4000 - The my choice pinup becomes a comic at least one story comic page long

5000 - The my choice pinup becomes a comic at least two story comic pages long

Beyond simplifying my workload each month, I genuinely have comics I *want* to make, but I'm never going to make comics as "Dan's choice" pinups if I have to do two of them.

As for the Goonmanji sequel... Heck, nuts to making that a milestone. It's one that'd have to be replaced as soon as it was reached anyway. Let's just have a Goonmanji sequel and vote on which four characters should be in it!

This Goonmanji vote will open to all patrons shortly after the polls for the next round of pinups (which will begin this upcoming Sunday).