Milestone Double - Tricksy D20

Poll Description - Tensaided and George as women, recognizable mostly by loose clothing and hair, somehow transformed by a mischievous cursed d20

Sometimes, I like results that are different enough that you couldn't easily guess how they looked before. The cool cursed dice agreed! Huzzah!

There are two versions of the hair colors because it was only super late in production that I realized the description had said they would be still be recognizable by their hair, and I had given them completely different hairstyles.

Hair color was basically the only option to still fit that description without basically starting over, but I wanted to keep the changed hair color, too.

I imagined some would prefer this without the pink glow effect, so in for a penny with multiple versions, in for a pound, eh?

Anyway, Tensaided wound up with blonde hair because popular culture has beaten into my head that blonde hair is somehow special, and I like blonde hair transformations as a result because that's how my brain works for some reason.

George wound up with pinkish hair matching what Tedd had for a while because I like that connection with Squirrel Prophet and George understanding why Tedd went with a hair color change on top of shorter hair (which is also how my brain works for some reason).

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