Milestone Goals

$200  per month

Game Master's Journey LIVE  

When we reach this milestone, I will stream Game Master's Journey LIVE to YouTube when I am recording. Not only will you be able to see my (not so) handsome mug while I record, you will also be able to interact with me using the chat channel. You can ask questions, give feedback and talk with the other viewers. If this is well-received, I may do it with other podcasts as well in the future.

$350 per month

Actual Play Episodes of Game Master's Journey 

I've done actual play episodes on the show before, and they take a massive amount of time to produce. When we reach this milestone, I'll be  able to take the time to produce actual play episodes of whatever RPG I'm currently running and streaming on YouTube as fully edited audio episodes. These episodes will be part of the Game Master's Journey feed, so you won't have to do anything extra to receive them.

$550 per month

Two Game Master's Journey Episodes Per Week

When we reach this milestone, I will produce a second Game

Master's Journey episode every week. This episode will likely have a slightly

different format than the current episodes. I will use these episodes for even

more worldbuilding episodes and designer diaries in which I discuss whatever

RPG publishing project I'm currently working on. Whether I'm worldbuilding,

creating an adventure, or coming up with mechanics, I'll share my thoughts and

strategies with you.

$750 per month

A New Podcast About Geeky TV

When we reach this milestone, I will produce a new podcast  in which I will discuss the many excellent (and geeky) TV shows (and movies) that I enjoy. Who knows, maybe I'll even get Nikki or someone else to cohost with me.

$1,000 per month

Lex Out LOUD - Conversations With Interesting People

When we reach this milestone, I will produce a brand new podcast in which I will interview people who are interesting with interesting things to say. This could be anyone that I think you will find interesting. This is an idea I've had for over a year now, and I'm really excited to do it. However, it will be a massive commitment logistically to make it into the awesome show I want it to be. I will produce this show in blocks of episodes (seasons) that I will release on a weekly basis once a block (season) is produced. This will allow you to get the show on a regular basis, and it will allow me to actually schedule all the interviews.

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