Milestone - machine learning on rares beta release
Dear supporters,

We are glad to announce that we have made significant progress at this. Thanks to the great contribution from a couple of people, we would like to release a beta version of a new pricing function today.

The key features of this new version include: 

  • Showing a new pricing result predicted by a sophisticated machine learning algorithm;
  • Collecting your feedback on every rare item pricing result;
  • A new UI for single item pricing (figure above).

More to come:

  • Recommend the top-3 possible crafting options on an item and price the corresponding crafted items. 
  • The ML prediction is available for single rare item pricing only. When the algorithms become more stable, we will implement it for stash batch pricing to greatly improve the processing speed.

As a beta version, we don't expect it to be perfect and it may not work well in some occasions. Please feel free to share your feedback, and our algorithm is able to learn from your opinions and get better over time.