Milestone Reward: Kyle and Anaado NSFW Pairing Pin-up
(I mentioned this on our webcomic pages, but I figured I should have a specific post for this announcement here too!)

Travis Moore is a comic book artist who has worked with DC, Vertigo, 1First, and Aftershock. His titles include Batman, Nightwing, Fables, Lark's Killer, JSA All-Stars, Freedom Fighters, and many more. In addition to his comic book duties, he is also in the process of developing a webcomic series of his own.

I love Travis' work, think he's an awesome fit for The Young Protectors. and wanted to work with him for a while now. When I asked him what he wanted to create, he said "Kyle and Anaado, fully nude, sunbathing in Hell."

And (as you can see from the cropped, sneak preview above), what he came up with is amazing!

So I've decided to make the full pin-up a special Milestone Reward!

If we hit $6500/month in support, I will unlock this NSFW pin-up for ALL Patrons during the month we hit that target.

$10+ Patrons will also be able to download a high-res version, with over double the resolution, that month too!

I really hope you like what you see here. Please let me know what you think of the pin-up in the comments below. 

Y'all are quickly building back the support of this Patreon to a sustainable level, and I hope this will be a nice treat once we hit the halfway mark to where I need to be to break even again ($7000/month--less than $1000 away now!).

Thank you so much for your amazing support. You're the reason I'm able to create my comics, and I'm very grateful to each and every one of you. 

You're all superheroes! More soon!