Milestone Three ACHIEVED!
Sooo ummm... yeah. It happened again. I am, honest to goodness, surprised as all hell that the milestones are getting knocked out of the park so quickly. What I can tell you is that I will indeed start looking for new filming equipment (particularly anything that can also be utilized for the Atop the Fourth Wall movie). Now of course I'm not going to be buying microphones and cameras every month, so what I'll say about the monthly part of the milestone is that the money will be going towards new props and costume stuff, new music (some original material, some royalty free stuff from MusicLoops or the like that can be used for the storyline segments), and of course purchasing new comics for review. Although now I'm just worried about how quickly we'll reach the next Milestone. I'm already trying to work extra hard to get ahead on episodes and ready some time for the video rewards (plus Longbox of the Damned come October) and soon I'm going to have to start creating actual dates for History of Power Rangers that I NEED to get finished by! D=