Milestones and Rewards and New Posts
Thanks to everyone who has offered such great support. We reached a new milestone in April so in addition to publishing a self-care crochet exercise on the blog, I also added a new vintage crochet history post.

Mail goes out tomorrow to everyone who gets rewards for their April contributions. I'm always excited to write out the postcards and letters and put together small crochet gifts for those at the higher reward levels. It's a joy to me to do this part!

Mail rewards start at the $10 level. If you donate at that level and don't get mail from me, make sure to check your donation details to see that you haven't marked the option to "donate without reward". And if you do get mail from me and don't want it but do want to give, you can change your donation to include the "donate without reward" option.

Thank you again to each and every one of you who helps me to keep my work going.