Milky Way the Space-Cow
I'm currently doing a Song Room program for Yuille Park Primary School in Wendouree, writing songs with the Pod 2 students.

We chose four topics that each had something to do with what else was happening at the school at the time the program started - community engagement, The Young Archies competition associated with  Archibald Art Prize exhibition, the Olympics and The Dairy Association Picasso Cow competition - to write a song about.

We started off by brainstorming word-walls and other ideas and then slowly pieced some lyrics together. There was one problem in that there was a deadline for the Picasso Cow competition so, I had to finish the song off myself to get it done in time. I still only used the students own ideas to write it, but had to come up with the music and arrange the words on my own.

I ended up blending the traditional song Hey Diddle Diddle with a few musical ideas I learned from listening to David Bowie, Cold Chisel, The Clash, The Ting Tings and every other band in my  record collection.

Thankfully when I showed this above draft video to the students they still really enjoyed it and took ownership of the piece, editing it a little bit with suggestions as we practiced and recorded it in one session.

I don't have a video of the students again for privacy reasons, but I hope you enjoy this work in progress and the story behind it.

Yes, it's about a cow that goes to space and whose milk can be used as rocket fuel.

Moo! Boom!