Millennial Sex Memes
Here’s a series of sneak preview of excerpts from the book showing the 12 reasons we need MILLENNIAL SEX EDUCATION! 

We have a serious vacuum when it comes to sexual education in American culture, and yet we know so much—too much—of the sexual status quo, of the racialized fetishization and conquest mentality celebrated in our mainstream media. We know too little of consent, of sexual intimacy, of shared pleasure, of making love; of healthy, mature sexuality, because many of us have rarely—if ever—experienced it firsthand.

We are the inheritors of this culture; we are shaped by its scripts and mythologies. These dynamics live on within us, to the degree that we choose to carry them, or, through our silences, to allow them to permeate our culture unchecked. 

As we, the authors, set upon a journey towards our own freedom, we asked ourselves what we could do to imagine and create a better future for ourselves and our communities. We came up with a sex-positive solution that wouldn’t merely demonize the scripts of our culture, but instead would inspire people to new possibilities of sexual engagement: we decided to write an educational erotic novel. MILLENNIAL SEX EDUCATION addresses some of what we, as gender diverse female survivors of sexual assault in an interracial queer relationship see missing from the conversation about sex ed, consent, and desire. 

Millennial Sex: I've Never Done This Before  and Millennial Sex Education: I've Never Done This Before are available for sale on Amazon, and we'll send a free copy of either version to all our patrons at any level of support!