A million starts in your eyes

I will make you smile again…

And again …

More, more and more.

Until you stop seeing forms.

Until you are no longer able to think.

Until you disappear.

And you find yourself again you will be flying.

You will turn your face towards the sky and you will see the most beautiful stars that you have ever seen.

Then you will realize, that all of them shine because they are looking at you.

Happy that you are watching them, because without you they have no light.

You are the light that lights up all the stars in the sky.

And if you think your smile is simple …

It is because you forgot how simple is the reflection of the moon shinning in the sea.

Yes, that is your smile.

If you think your eyes are just like any other eyes…

You are wrong again.

Your eyes exist just to see perfection.

That’s why you can see yourself in the prettiest moon.

I want your most perfect smile now!

And now.
And now .
And now.

Without stopping …

If your light never stops shining, why would your lips ever stop smiling?

Despite my body being here and your body being there.

Ours souls are making love, up there, in our star.

And there is no philosophy in this world that can prevent that from happen.

You will smile, and smile, and smile.

Until your eyes start to shine.

There will nothing capable of preventing your inner light to step out. It shines so much that your eyes can no longer hide it and they start glowing, infinitely bright as the light you are made of.

No girl in this world can ever reach you because… You are not from this world.


Your beauty goes far beyond of what this world can comprehend.

That’s why the stars exist ….

So that in them, you can see yourself.

I love you