Mimi The Half-Blind
This was my ever first animation starting at the age of 19 years old. Techinically, this is for a college exercise/homework and I had to do it in about a week. It is 110 frames that plays the video in 30 FPS. What I thought about the animation process is long and tedious. Even though this was just a basic sketch on a few lines, it literally took me over 7 hours straight to make it at least 11 secs. 

However, I am not giving up with my animation dream career. I want to make anime animations created by me and will be edited by my older brother. I do plan to make ALOT more in the future, specifically in anime graphics. 

Clip Studio Paint is the program I use to make my animation AND my illustrations. Since CSP introduced animation about a year ago in Japan and months ago for the US, it was fortunate for me to have this opportunity for me. 

Time Used: 7 Hours

Program(s) Used: Clip Studio Paint EX